ECOLOG platform is an international community that concentrates, in one environment space called ECOLOG, the maximum of effort, resources, knowledge, and experience needed for an effective cleansing the planet of waste of all kinds, plastics, tires, PET bottles, car remains, etc…


The principle of fairness is everything to us – the one who takes part in the cleaning of the planet, who is being truly responsible to their children and other generations, must be fairly rewarded. Those who only take, ruthlessly consume and does not mind their waste must bear the fair costs of disposal of the results of their lifestyle. And that is what ECOLOG is here for.

Ecolog Space Token



    Sale dept.: 1.000.000 LOG

    Smlouvy o aktivech v tokenech jsou vytvořeny v bloku Ethereum a řídí všechny hlavní aspekty distribuce a oběhu tokenů aktiv, včetně seznamů ověřených uživatelů, transakčních a geografických limitů, poplatků.